How to transfer your deposit of frozen stem cells from one bank to another.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Due to the many questions regarding transferring frozen cord blood deposits from one bank to another, we have prepared answers to some of the questions parents ask most frequently.

Can you transfer umbilical cord blood deposits from one bank to another?

Yes, this is possible. Whoever is indicated in the agreement- usually the parents- has the right to make decisions regarding the frozen material. After fulfilling all the formal requirements of the agreement, parents have the right to transfer a deposit to another bank at any time.

What do parents, who have decided to transfer deposits, need to do?

First of all you need to contact the bank to which you have decided to transfer the deposit. The bank will inform you as to what documents are necessary for the collection and transport of the frozen stem cell deposit. In the case of SCB nOvum we ask for:

  1. The certificate confirming the deposit of blood at that bank. (Copy).
  2. A copy of the parents’ IDs.
  3. Written confirmation authorizing SCB nOvum employees to collect the cord blood from the bank in question.

After gathering all the necessary documents, the parents sign an agreement concerning the further storage of the stem cells in their chosen bank.

The parents also need to terminate their agreement with the bank storing the deposit up to this point. The terms of termination should be indicated in the signed agreement. You need to pay particular attention to clearly indicating your intentions regarding what is to be done next with the deposit: that it is to be transferred to another bank.

How is the deposit transported to the new bank?

Usually transportation is arranged by the bank taking over the storage of the deposit, as is the case when SCB nOvum is to be the bank taking over storage. After the parents complete all the formalities, the banks arrange a date for the transfer.

After a transfer report is filled out, the deposit is placed in a special container intended for the transport of biological material in deep freeze (around 190oC), which is meant to maintain a constant temperature of storage. After being transferred to the new bank, the deposit is labelled and placed in the cryostat. The parents receive written confirmation of the transfer and a certificate of storage fro the new bank.

What are the costs of transporting the deposit and from which point do the new bank’s fees apply?

Each bank has its own payment policy. In the case of transferring a deposit to SCB nOvum:

  1. SCB nOvum covers the cost of transport.
  2. Fees apply from the moment the deposit is received and not from the date on which the agreement is signed.
  • Date: 14 October 2013

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