Regeneration Package- use the stem cells four times.

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Due to the progress of regenerative medicine, which requires only a small number of cells for a particular therapy, we offer you the unique opportunity to store umbilical cord blood in 4 separate portions! This means that the stem cells stored at SCB nOvum can be used four times.

Frozen cord blood contains not only hemapoietic cells but also mesenchymal cells. These cells are present in bone marrow, fat cells, cord blood and Wharton’s jelly (a substance present within the umbilical cord). These cells differentiate into specialized cells, which make up tissue and organs. They also stimulate growth, allowing damaged cells to regenerate.

Many studies have been conducted regarding their usefulness in treatment and combating the effects of diseases affecting connective tissue, bone and muscle cells, in regeneration of cardiac muscle, the liver and the pancreas. This allows for the use of stem cells in many areas of medicine e.g. orthopedics, cardiology or neurology.

Thus, the stored stem cells can be used both in hemapoietic transplants, and, with the progress of medicine, in regenerating damaged tissue or organs.

Dividing the blood into 4 portions allows for the opportunity to use the cells four times. Should they be needed for the purpose of a hemapoietic transplant (a larger number of cells is required), the separate portions can be combined as necessary.

Since the 4 portions of blood are stored in one cartridge, the Regeneration Package is also financially beneficial (the basic and yearly fees are lower then in the case of two cartridges)!

You can receive further information form our consultants at the SCB nOvum office- visit us or contact us over the phone (22 566 80 23).

  • Date: 1 December 2015

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